Monkh and the People EP In Stores Now! 

Daniel "Monkh" Horrell has been playing in bands in and around the St. Louis area since he was thirteen years old. At 25 and now as a solo artist he has a whole new script to bring to the table. Always known as the young shredding guitar player, Monkh has a more modest and bluesy approach to his playing these days but still holds the same title and only hopes to add to it with future releases.

Headlines, the latest EP from Monkh, is a journey through the world today. Just as newspaper headlines grab attention through shock & awe, the tracks on Headlines thrust the listener into the harsh realities of today without the distracting propaganda clutter. Opening with a catchphrase of the homeless, "Hey there man can you spare some change?"... These lyrics echo the voice of the middle class hoping & working for change. Headlines manages to deliver a positive sound of hope throughout. This is most evident in it's closing track "Everyone Is Beautiful" which serves as a reminder that regardless of struggle, life is still a thing of beauty.